We are a manufacturing and engineering company located in Elk Grove, California. We have created a unique niche in an industry filled with firms that can only provide design OR manufacturing services to their clients. Blue Ridge Systems, Inc. successfully handles both. We provide a full range of services from initial concept design through documentation, manufacturing, test and installation.


The advantage this gives you is "one stop shop". No longer do you have to manage multiple vendors and resolve issues between the engineers and the machine shop. We design and build your product and deliver a turnkey solution.



Turn-Key Engineering Solutions

Blue Ridge Systems is your one stop for custom, precision, specialty design and in-house manufacturing.  We can work with you, from start to finish, from determining specifications to manufacturing the part in house with our CNC Milling Capabilities.  We can even hand you the assembly instructions and part drawings.  All at Blue Ridge.

Engineering Support Staffing

Engineering is a team sport and it is going to take more than fancy computers to execute your plans.  We have experienced Engineering Support Staffing to help you throughout your design and manufacturing cycle.