Since the late 80's, B.R.S. has been specializing in Capital Equipment design


Opto-Mechanical Precision Engineering

Blue Ridge Engineers have worked on some of the industries finest opto-mechanical equipment.  A specialization that requires an understanding of optical stability, precision adjustment and sub-micron tolerance control on drawing packages.  From Optical Turrets to Precision electrical contacts on electro-mechanical devices, Blue Ridge can work with you to find a viable solution.

Flouropolymer for Hazardous Environments

Chemicals play an ever increasing role in our industry and the Mechanical Engineers have to keep up with the Chemists.  Nano precision stereo-lithographgy requires precision electronic control and baths of hazardous chemistry.  Blue Ridge engineers have developed plating cathodes with fluid tight seals in chemical resistant flourpolymers.  The dimensional stability of the flouropolymer provided a challenge and in the end a simple and efficient design met the clients needs.